About LootBit

LootBit is a company consisting of 2 people: Ben (the Lead Programmer) and Niko (the Lead Artist). Together, we are making games that are entertaining but still challenging so you won’t get bored. We hope that you enjoy our projects!

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Ben - Programmer, Website Creator and Owner

Nikolas - Artist, Website Designer and Co-Owner

Email : nikolasklein@LootBit.co.uk

We are also looking for more talent such as musicians to make our games not only fun but unique! Without having to buy pre-made assets such as music.

Press Kit

If Anyone writes an article or creates a video on anything related to us we would love to see it, so if you want, send us an email and we will check it out!

Click the Lootchest below to download the presskit for our company LootBit and our game "New Outbreak"