Welcome to the LootBit In Progress Page!

Here we will update regularly on what we are working on currently in our games

New Outbreak

Currently Doing
(If I have a time frame I will list it next to the task)


To Do (These are sorted by priority, Top is Highest) (Currently not all features are present below but will be added in eventually)

Re-do Zombie AI
Implement All Animations
Full Gamepad Use
Basic Testing
Basic Bandits
Another Section Of The Map
Advanced Bandits
Priority Testing
Entire Map
Priority Testing
Story Mode
Priority Testing
Priority Testing
Final Testing

Testing Phases
Explaining what the different testing phases are

Random Testing
Random Testing won't appear on the ToDo list but on the Currently Doing when it is being done, the point of a random test is in case I have doubts about certain things I can then check it over with my testers. This probably won't take long since this isn't a full technical test and will be specific on certain things so it will be easier to spot problems. This will be sent out to some testers, more if necessary, since It shouldn't need multiple persons feedback.

Basic Testing
Basic Testing involves sending out builds to testers to make sure all the basic things are in the game and working sufficiently, this is to ensure that early on the game functions and will then allow me to build on the game without worrying I'm missing something, this will take time but due to the limited amount of technical features it doesn't require much testing.

Priority Testing
Priority Testing involves sending out builds to tester to ensure the advanced features are working perfectly such as bandits AI, Dog and other things we decide to implement, this will take considerably longer than basic testing since there are a lot of things extra to test and ensure aren't broken before proceeding.

Final Testing
This is the final phase, at this point the game is 'done' but of course I can easily overlook things so a build will be sent out to every tester and even people working on the game, even platform specific builds, e.g. Console. This Testing will take the longest because I need to make sure the game is Flawless and by flawless I mean not a single spec of code is causing a discrepancy in the game. This could take up to a month since I don't want to take any chances that upon release people will have issues. Even once testers confirm that they haven't had a single issue we will double check and even triple check if necessary.

Almost Done But On Hold
(This may be because of lack of Assets(e.g. Art) or other things are more important/need to be done first)

Character Voices, For Both Male and Female(Calls For Dog, Getting Hurt,) - 1 Day
Gamepad Movement
New Character Basic Implementation