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This is my Real Time Blog For New Outbreak
Here I will write what I am doing in real time! Though I'll focus on updating about the more interesting things
Stamina implemented for swinging and running, speed wasn't fast enough so now sprinting is just over double the speed.
Implemented sprinting into the game, currently keyboard only but it will take seconds to put in gamepad support! Currently I am working on implementing most of what was suggested by Greenlight users.
I have redone the guarding code for the Dog, this makes it more efficient and will calculate the 'AbsoluteNearest' to make sure the dog protects you completely as anyone who gets closer the dog will turn its attention to them, if they are a good enough distance away then the dog will growl at them, this will deter Bandits a bit but Zombies will be unaffected.
Redoing the Dog's code, making it more efficient and editable.
Redoing the Dog's animations and making them compatible with the new Zombies and Vice Versa
Currently working on Bandits and their AI, more specifically them and the Hideouts