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The game has majorly changed!
By Nikolask

This article is about the DRASTIC changes made to my single-person project that was supposed to be 'Metal is my Second Skin'. It...

Hey guys, Niko here!
Just so we don't let you hang without any info, I want to quickly tell you what is going on at the moment.
Benny and I are absolutely still working on the game and we are making a lot of new content for you! Be excited, great stuff is coming to you!

By Nikolask

It is confirmed! We are from time to time working on another small project called 'Metal is my Second Skin'!
It may take some time until it is released but I can assure you that it is in the works...

Up And Running!

By Ben

The website is now up and running at its fullest! We will be posting general updates on this blog and specific game updates on their own blogs! Be sure to check them all out to keep up to date with development.

About the other game

By Nikolask

Hey, I mentioned, that I was working on a game myself next to 'New Outbreak'. And that is still the case! I am doing a lot of graphical work at the moment so no gameplay will be seen next time...sorry for that.
BUT I will tell you very briefly what this game will become: It is going to be about a little robot, that somehow can't remember anything anymore...