What are we doing?

posted Nov 12, 2015, 12:33 PM by Unknown user
Hey guys, Niko here!
Just so we don't let you hang without any info, I want to quickly tell what is going on at the moment.
Benny and I are absolutely still working on the game and we are making a lot of new content for you! Be excited, great stuff is coming to you!
But we also have to wait a bit...We can't tell you about it much more but let me tell you this much: if it works out, you and us will have a blast!

Also, just to tell you, I am working on a small game myself as well. Mainly because I want to see what I can make on my own but when I make something playable, you may be able to get it from out site. I will of course give you some informations about that later on!

But that is it for now, guys.
See you on the next post!