New Outbreak

Genre:    Adventure Survival

Platform(s):    Windows, Mac (Possibly Linux                                                     and Consoles)

Release Date:    TBA (Aiming For 3rd QTR 2016)

Age Rating:    16+

 Developer:    LootBit

New Outbreak is a 2D top-down zombie survival game. It allows you to survive how you want to, build the things you want, make friends or enemies, take care of your dog and most importantly, survive.

  • Sandbox, open-world (do what you want, whenever you want, no straight line campaign or mission!)
  • Full inventory and looting system
  • Full wilderness system, skin animals to get food and leather
  • Use various traps to capture various animals!
  • Zombies with fully working AI
  • Visit bandit camps which will react to you by your reputation standing to them, you can also trade with them
  • Crafting system
  • Skill tree system
  • Line of sight system
  • Unique Animation System
  • Cut limbs off of Enemies
  • Wear anything available in any combination
  • Survive with your own Dog
  • Story Mode, Stories of others and maybe how your character got where they are.
  • Tutorial, Learn the game in a safe environment

    Planned and Requested Features
  • Coop, Survive with up to 4 people, same as Single Play but with others.
  • Multiplayer, Survive in a world populated by users, work together or fight against each other.
  • Periodic(?) Playable Stories, Follow the story of various survivors across many episodes as they try to survive.

Alpha Demo On Desura 


Programmer - Ben
Graphics Artist - Nikolas

Voice Actors

Jaimie - Female Protagonist
Nikolas - Male Protagonist