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Bandits and Persistance

The Topic: Bandits and Persistance
By Ben
Bandits, who likes them? Even if you consider yourself a bandit you will despise others. Competition is always a problem which is why we are trying to focus on making Bandits more fun! When they aren't putting lead into your body I guess. I am working on making bandits more 'Human', by this I mean they won't have infinite ammo and just spray a thousand rounds of ammunition at you or magically have 50 bandages to make sure you can't track them, instead they will actually loot around either in groups or on their own, most likely depending on where they are heading I mean it'd be pretty odd seeing 20 bandits raiding a gas station but I guess you never can be too safe, so you have to be careful from others aswell as the undead. Though it's not all Doom and Gloom! Because of the fact they will go out and explore they will leave their base exposed at times meaning you can plan your strike when they are most vulnerable. But while their base is exposed so is yours so be careful to not make your base too obvious as they will notice player built barricades.

So are you changing the current bandit system? What about trading?: I guess you could say that, trading is something I'm on 2 sides with, I like it but I don't, it has pros and cons both equally as influential so I won't say I'm removing it but I won't say it's gone or it's staying, possibly I may have bandits create their own factions/group/community,whatever you want to call it,each with random traits (name, Friendlyness etc) and these will decide whether they will shoot on site, let you pass or maybe even help you out. Though I'm getting the core game done first before I make huge game changing decisions like these.

That was a lot! I hope to do more informational articles that say more about the game rather than the short snappy ones!