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Changing The Look

The Topic: Changing The Look
Also I speak about the Greenlight Campaign
By Ben
This topic is mainly focused on small but crucial factors in presentation, which is the UI and menus. At the moment in my opinion they look bland and don't bring any excitement when looking at them, especially the main menu. Which is why I have implemented an animated background, there will be an option to disable it in case you either don't like it or it doesn't run well in the future, at the moment it only shows 25 seconds of the trailer slightly sped up but I plan on changing it, what to? I have no idea! I was thinking I would just make some cool gameplay videos and put them in the back but I also thought that maybe people could send in gifs and then I could put them together as the background for another week or some day. But that's a way away and nothing crucial that needs to be done immediately. My artist is also working on some new buttons and I shall update this article when I have said buttons!

That's pretty much all to it! In other news in over 48 Hours we have managed to get within the Top 100 greenlight games! This is a massive feat and hopefully we will be greenlit soon. I have taken in all feedback and criticism and am improving on things mentioned! 1 Thing is Wind which is going to effect grass and trees and other things that could be effected.

Thanks For Reading and I hope you all had a great new year!