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Fighting, severing Limbs and Silencing the Undead.

posted Nov 8, 2015, 6:23 PM by Ben White   [ updated Mar 26, 2016, 2:35 PM ]
This post is dedicated to fighting! How it's being done and what's good about it. Essentially with the new system I am able to easily edit the sprites of the Zombies bodies and change them instead of having to also include the head, see previous post or below for more explanation, what this allows as seen in the gif below is the severing of limbs in your own way, a first tech demo it was completely random which worked but I also needed guns to only kill with a headshot so I had to implement some hit points on the zombies body so that if a bullet hit the arm it wouldn't kill it but slow it down whereas a shot to the head would, rule #1 Destroy the brain, so when they were implemented I thought the next logical step would be to make the game more fun and give the player choice which meant that hitting the left arm meant hitting the left arm and not have the right arm suddenly fall off. I am thinking of having it so cutting the limbs off the Zombies will stop them from attacking but they will of course still be a pain and make a lot of noise, though of course biting, at the very least it will limit the attack range. 

So that's pretty much all of the fighting wrapped up, below is a debug image of the hitpoints and below that is the gif of fighting in action! The 'Big' news is also hopefully on its way within 30 days!

(I added the background after the gif was made!)