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Follow The Trail!....Of Blood?

The Topic: Blood Trails
By Ben
Hello! One huge addition that I'm working on bringing to New Outbreak is the importance of bandaging yourself, currently when you are attacked by a zombie you have a chance of bleeding which, if not bandaged, will drip onto the floor and leave a trail to exactly where you are. I want to make this a huge thing to worry about. Huge as in 'If you don't prevent this you're screwed'. How? Well if you flee on foot from a fight while bleeding the zombies won't stop when you get too far away, instead they will begin following your blood trail up to where you bandage yourself, so make sure you don't enter your home after then because they will break their way in to find you. This doesn't only apply to you however, shoot or hit a bandit and they have a chance of bleeding and then if they try to flee without bandages it will lead you right to them or their corpse. And of course it doesn't stop their, if your dog gets injured you better patch him up as well or the same consequences will ensue. This is something that ought to spice up Multiplayer a bit. That's pretty much it on the topic of Blood trails, morale of the story? 

Never leave home without bandages.