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Looting, How It Will Work

The Topic: Looting
By Ben
Hello and welcome to another post, I'm trying out a new style with the posts because why not? This post we will be covering Looting and what changes there will be to the old system. Currently loot on the ground is not random but the loot found in different objects such as wardrobes and vehicles are, of course this has to change so they will both be random, to an extent, by this I mean you won't find military grade Armour in someones fridge but in a military compound (Or an area/object that would store this sort of equipment) or off of a bandit since they will be looting around so who knows what they will find. I'm also thinking of having the dog pick up loot and bring it back to you by you clicking on it or, though at the moment it's not planned until I make sure it won't be something that either doesn't work properly or is abused in some way e.g. the dog will just pick up everything in sight or area, the dog will scout around and find loot, within reason so he won't be lugging an AK-47 back to you but maybe a can of food (Maybe he'd just find dog food? Hmm possibly(Ideas while writing!)), and possible warn you of others nearby. That's pretty much all that's gonna change in the looting side of things, atleast that's all I can think of, but of course there could easily be more that I'm forgetting or will add in the future. So that wraps up the post, if you have any comments please leave them in the forum under this post!

Thanks for reading!