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New Outbreak Progression (Skills)

Hello and welcome to another New Outbreak post! Today's topic: Progression! One thing that is currently present in the pre-alpha version are skills, these skills allow you to do certain things and you can upgrade them. They will not be present in the final release of New Outbreak. Why? Because that's not how survival works, you don't kill Zombies to learn to build a certain barricade or weapon, you don't build things to learn how to attack better. This is why the current progression will be wiped out and to take its place will be a new progression currently going to be called 'Progression by Experience', let me elaborate, if you're a good marksman and can shoot enemies in the head with ease you will become better at this and your character will learn skills based on that. If you're a good builder you may become more efficient at placing barricades and other things down. If you're a good mechanic you will be able to fix more advanced vehicles such as cars. I hope it's clear what I'm going for. Essentially if you want to kill more efficiently you kill, if you want to build more efficiently you build. I'm unsure how I will display these to the user but there will be a way to know what you have progressed in though I don't think a skill tree regardless of whether it will just show you what you are working towards. I believe this will encourage more Team Play in multiplayer since someone who wants a badass base can't go around killing everyone since they need someone to build it, someone who wants a car can't just kill. Hopefully people will band together instead of shooting on sight. Perhaps factions? Or Occupations? But those are for another post! Thanks for reading and keep checking this page for more insights on New Outbreak and its development and feel free to comment here!