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NewOutbreak Art Style

Welcome to another Mini New Outbreak post! Today's topic, Art Style! We are currently aiming to keep the game's style as it is now though we are going to make some minor changes to suit the gameplay. One big thing is aging, yourself and everything else will age over time, we aren't sure how long this may take but it will be a gradual process where vines slowly creep up walls and things begin to decay. We want the game to look and act like an apocalypse that hasn't been going on for long (The story's undecided so far so no details on how far the Apocalypse has gone on for). We also haven't decided whether you will eventually die though for Sandbox this shouldn't be the case. We've discussed the major change to the style which is the animation revamp allowing so much more to be possible than before due to the characters being more than just 1 object.(You can read this blog post for more information). That's pretty much it for today's topic, we are hopefully nearing the time when a lot more information can be revealed which we can't wait for!