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Tutorial Mode

By Ben

Another short blog post about features! This topic, Tutorial Mode. Tutorial Mode will be a safe enviroment for you to practice game the game, I'm unsure whether the game area will be unique or not but you will learn the essentials of survival, this may also work somewhat like a story driven thing, this will replace the current 'How To Play' section...

Fighting, severing Limbs and Silencing the Undead

By Ben


This post is dedicated to fighting! How it's being done and what's good about it. Essentially with the new system I am able to easily edit the sprites of the Zombies bodies and change them instead of having to also include the head, see previous post or below for more explanation, what this allows as seen in the gif below is the severing of limbs in your own way, a first tech demo it was completely random which worked...

Map Size, Release Date??

By Ben

Another small post here to talk about things in New Outbreak! Today's Topic, Map Size and a vague Release Date. This is one thing I want to make sure I can do with no problems though it is going to take a lot of time since each tile needs to be laid, tile by tile. This will take time but each Tile will be laid with care to make sure that map is perfect, detail is an important thing...

Animation Overhaul, Customisation! And Will the game be updated?

By Ben

Hello! I promised a big update soon, this isn't it but hopefully It will be made possible and I can reveal it to you in the coming weeks. Though that isn't to say this isn't 'huge'! A feature that was requested a while back, and I know a lot of people would appreciate it, was customisation of the character, with the old system this literally meant adding millions of lines of code to make sure the game knew what sprites I wanted to run...

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Story Mode

By Ben

This post is going to be around the Story portion of New Outbreak which I am planning on having on release.Everything I'm about to say is subject to change and may not be present in the final product. Story mode will be a completely different experience to Sandbox, on release I'm planning for at least 1 story to be available but that will be subject to change...

Development Continues

By Ben

After a long time in Hiatus I feel the time is right to return to New Outbreak as I am sure I have the experience now to make something great with the game, and with the help of my artist we should be able to make something special! More information coming soon!