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Story Mode

posted Nov 11, 2015, 6:16 PM by Ben White
This post is going to be around the Story portion of New Outbreak which I am planning on having on release.Everything I'm about to say is subject to change and may not be present in the final product. Story mode will be a completely different experience to Sandbox, on release I'm planning for at least 1 story to be available but that will be subject to change. Story mode will follow certain characters as they try to survive, I'm unsure whether the stories will be linked but I do plan on showing life before the apocalypse and how much damage this has caused. The story(ies) will follow a linear path, there is currently no plans on having a branching story but if it becomes possible it will be something that will be looked into. Maybe an insight into how the Sandbox story began or how it could proceed.

That's pretty much story mode, not much to really say but I do plan on making it as memorable as possible. Next post will be on another mode!