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Tactical Looting

The Topic: Tactical Looting
By Ben
A weird title I'll admit but it holds very big importance, one thing we discussed last time was bandits and how they act, one of those things was that they would loot actual locations in order to get ammo and other supplies. This therefore not only means that scavengers will leave at certain times to loot but that you can limit the supplies that they can get from places by taking them yourselves or leave certain things there yourself, we're unclear at the moment on every reason you may want to do this but one thing we though would be placing a remote explosive down and allowing them to take it back to base and then you can detonate it though perhaps they would be able to re-route the signal from the device to another remote so you can't wait long once the trap is set, you will also need to be nearby and depending on how well made the explosive is will depend on the distance required for detonation. 

Of course you may use their looting to your advantage as said before by attacking the base when they are most vulnerable but you could lower their numbers by taking out the looters, of course they will notice this so you can't just do this constantly until they are all wiped out or at minimum numbers, they will probably start to become more aware of surroundings so explosives will be more likely to be noticed as live instead of de-activated and so prepare for an attack.

This is just the start of ideas that we have for New Outbreak, we are constantly thinking of new things to add and how to implement them. We hope to finally reveal the big news this week, as early as Today though that is just being very optimistic.

Thank You For Reading!