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Dev Log #7 Modifying Save Data? New UI!

posted Jul 29, 2016, 8:09 PM by Ben White   [ updated Jul 29, 2016, 8:10 PM ]

Hello Everyone! We are currently 2 days until August 1st! We are almost ready and we are a mix of excited and very nervous! We are going to be talking about Cheating/Modding/Adjusting the game how you want to play! We aren't 100% certain on if we will do it but one thing I have come up with is to add editable variables which effect the game, so if you think the hunger rate is too fast you can slow the rate down or even upgrade your hunger so you never have to eat, of course that's all things that aren't part of the games experience so we'll keep it out of the actual game but if we do add it in you will be able to edit the ini files inside the games contents, unfortunately this won't be possible on Xbox One due to not actually being able to access it normally, if the demand for it on Consoles is high enough however we will work on implementing it properly but at the moment it's not only easier with the Ini files but keeps the game played how it should be played without worry of the game crashing due to an error with a variable being too high or too low etc.

I will be uploading images of new UI and Dog Hunger to my twitter @0Bennyman if you want to see some new changes!

Thanks For Reading! :)

Dev Log #6 Quick Switch + Gamepad Support! And Thank You

posted Jul 3, 2016, 6:25 PM by Ben White   [ updated Jul 3, 2016, 6:46 PM ]

Hello everyone and we're back with another dev log! This one is about the new mechanic we'll be adding in which also comes with Gamepad support! So after releasing the demo and having the forms available we got a few responses from some people, some good, some not as good (None have been Negative surprisingly but only a few have been helpful), and one big thing someone said was that they wanted a quicker way of equipping weapons so with that I got to work and have almost implemented full Gamepad support along with full Quick Switching, this is a pretty big thing mainly for my end since this was one massive obstacle that I thought was genuinely going to be impossible but thankfully I was able to make a work around of the current system and got it working, you will now be able to scroll through your inventory with your mouse wheel and middle click to use/wear/equip items, it's not fully implemented yet but it nearly is and once it is I'll clean up the build so everything that should be in it is in it and everything not removed and then upload. We are so close to release it's unbelievable, It feels like yesterday I was brushing off the date as if It was forever until we had to finish it but now we're near release, of course this wasn't originally planned but it ended up being a must, we will continue to support New Outbreak with updates after release for as long as we can support it, if the game does well enough we'll make sure to release a tonne of free updates with no content behind DLC (Extra Stories, Maps and any other additions). Of course one thing we can't have in at launch in Online Multiplayer but if the game does well enough and people want it we will make it priority to get it working.

We hope the game will be great upon release, remember though August 1st isn't the exact date due to certification but by then we are making sure everything is just about ready, and of course we hope most of all that you will enjoy what we have created and that we will be able to create more games in the future, we have many ideas we've experimented over the past year and we hope that we can make them a reality. To everyone who has supported us so far via feedback, kind words or simply following the game it means the world to us.

Thank You

Dev Log #5 BACKUPS!

posted Jun 14, 2016, 3:04 PM by Ben White   [ updated Jun 14, 2016, 3:04 PM ]

Hello! So this Log has a relation to New Outbreak but is more about just making sure you understand the importance of Backing Up important data. So I'm the kind of person who rarely, if ever, backs up data, I only do it if I absolutely have to or if I have a static file that I want to keep and don't want to risk losing it if my machine breaks down in a year, week or whenever, so basically June 12th was when I decided working on my Laptop may not be the best idea anymore because it just wasn't functioning properly anymore, it kept freezing and more importantly crashing, I got worried at this point and decided best to use the spare laptop, so once my laptop had booted up again I saved it on my USB drive but the next day instead of transferring over my laptop was working again so I thought I might aswell continue using it, flash forward it's June 14th about 2AM and I've just compiled and uploaded a new demo build for New Outbreaks demo, but after trying it out when released I realised the dog couldn't leave the house due to non updated instances so I backed out, reverted it and fixed it, upon compiling the build however it froze, I left it for a few minutes, played a few games of Rocket League and still it was frozen, I didn't want to risk it crashing and corrupting the file somehow since it was in the process of saving so I got into bed and watched videos for about an hour and a half, still it's frozen, I was so tired at this point due to not sleeping for a couple days I shut it down and rebooted it, but of course it now didn't want to finish booting up and just stayed on the boot screen so I turned it off in hopes that it would work tomorrow since it had before. The next day and it will not boot, so now remember the Backup I made? That is the last and only copy of New Outbreaks source project I have, if I lost that I would have had to go back to the pre-pre-alpha Desura days where the game was a total mess and had none of the new features in it which was months of work and since we plan to release in a couple months that would make the deadline impossible. So just make sure you keep backups and possibly backups of the backup if you are doing something important because you never know when you could lose the only file you have.

Incase you want to know I've had my laptop booting for 5 hours and it's only just got past the Loading part with HP on the main screen but it's still at the black blank part so far, I'm hoping It will boot up so I can get the proper file because it has one thing I haven't got working yet which is Gamepad support which is very important!

I don't know if I'll do more of these, I probably will, I just wanted to ramble and get it noted down somewhere where it can't be lost and hopefully someone will remember to backup that 1 file that could be gone the next day.

Thanks for reading!

Dev Log #4 DEMO! And how it will work

posted Jun 3, 2016, 8:11 AM by Ben White   [ updated Jun 3, 2016, 8:14 AM ]

Hello! So finally we are just around the corner for releasing a playable, new and non broken demo! Hoping to release this week within the next couple days! We currently only have a small amount of customization (We are going to add a lot more by release so you can kit out your survivor exactly how you want!)but there are still quite a few different variants of how to dress up your survivor, as of writing this there is nothing for your dog yet but anything can happen in a few days! We have some images below to show some examples. In the demo you will be able to explore the original area in the old demo but with an overhaul to the game, mainly fixing all the game breaking bugs and making it run better, with such additions such as full customization of your character, Bicycles!, Voice acted main character, The Male by Nikolas (Also the Artist) and Jaimie for our Female! Also Backpacks to store all your loot on the run, currently there isn't a limit for what you can carry in your backpack but we are working on changing that, you can also carry and put them down anywhere you wish and pick up another one for use,all visible on the character. And more! Unfortunately Gamepad support isn't fully ready, the main issue being the looting and how we are doing it with the mouse doesn't work well when not using a mouse but as soon as that is ready we will fix it in the demo! And of course Bandits will not feature in the Demo version same as the massive map we have built. We are also working on releasing a small early look at our Story component currently to people who have access to the full game and testers but once it gets more refined we will most likely release that as a small demo near the release!

We still have a long way to go which is why we are also asking everyone who checks out the demo to please fill out the Form linked from in game so we know what to focus more on, what to remove and what to add so the game is perfect for the launch! Also by filling out the form you will have the chance to test Other titles we will develop in the future if you consent to it.Thank you to everyone who has shown support either by wishlisting our game or contacting us, it has helped motivate us to continue and finish this game and hopefully come August you will enjoy the game we have worked hard on creating!

Customization Images

Thank You For Reading!

Dev log #3 Fun and Realism Balance, Map Size, Features and Release Date?

posted Apr 17, 2016, 9:32 AM by Ben White   [ updated Apr 17, 2016, 9:33 AM ]

It's been quite some time since I've done a dev log so I thought about high time I did one! We have quite a few things to talk about so let's get started.

Fun And Realism Balance
While developing New Outbreak it was clear we had to find a certain line of what is acceptable while maintaining a realistic sort of world while also making sure the game is fun. To do this we take a hard look at features and make sure that it doesn't seem unrealistic while also making it enjoyable to do, one example is using melee weapons on a bicycle/motorbike, the way we are doing it saves a lot of time but also looks acceptable and possible. Another example is types of Zombies, we are keeping 'Special' Zombies to a minimum with only things like Armoured Zombies, we will also have a Dog Zombie, only one in the entire game is planned and I'm sure you can tell what dog that might turn out to be.

Map Size
At the time of writing the Map Size is "60000" by "40000", if you want to see how big that is go into gamemaker and set those as the parameters and you will see. We think making a big map is key to a survival experience to keep things fresh and balanced, meaning Bandits aren't nessesarily going to be located in your town but they may come over in small groups to scavenge.

Release Date?
If you haven't noticed we currently have a countdown counting down to August 1st which is our planned deadline, we will be releasing before then(Or after due to Xbox Certification) since after that date if it's not released or in release stages we won't have any more free time to work on it, we also believe that is a very good month to release in.

With a game a lot of changes will occur for better or for worse which is why I'm going to be talking about what features will be in at launch,after or probably not at all.

100% Will be in by launch. We will also be working on this after launch to make it better.

70% Sure it will be in at launch, we aren't going to cut corners and release something poor so if it has to happen then this will be released after to make sure it's a solid experience.

Online 40%, this was a main concern from the start, we had got some things in the work with Multiplayer but with how the game is developed it is quite hard to implement something that big, we will work on getting it in before and if not after release.
Local Survivors 90%, Local 2 Player with Dog 100%, The Dog is already done but the Local 4Player is something we are working on getting in which shouldn't cause to many issues.

As you can see our main concern in the Online portion, mainly due to how difficult it is, we won't give up on it but it is something that may cause issues and have to be cut unfortunately. Though our main priority was making a Solid Singleplayer experience and we are working hard on delivering this.

Thanks for reading this Dev Log, if you have any questions feel free to ask on the Steam forums!

Dev Log #2 Technical,Concept and Demo

posted Feb 24, 2016, 4:29 PM by Ben White   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 4:29 PM ]

Hello! Welcome to another Dev Log, I thought I'd update everyone one what's been going on and what we're planning. Well we are working on a way to earn some more funds to allow us to expand New Outbreak not only by bringing it to Mac and Linux for Launch but also to get more talent on board to bring a more unique atmosphere to New Outbreak, currently we are consumed and don't have a lot of time to work but we are pressing through to make sure everything carries on flowing, for the past week I've been setting up the Xbox side of things for New Outbreak so not much work has been done lately on the actual game but thankfully It seems I should be able to put it all behind and continue work properly, we are currently in the process of reworking the GUI not only graphically but the technical side aswell since it is causing overlaying issues with the mouse and therefore needs to be taken care of. And also getting bandits atleast somewhat working and hopefully I should be able to have something to show of them in the coming weeks. One small feature I am looking into adding in is a simple Spectator mode for if you want to watch how the bandits actually work without having them fight you and possibly just spawning in at any time either as your own character or a pre-existing one but that's all just concept at the moment.

Remastered Demo
One thing that I want to make before New Outbreaks releases, though I am looking to release it as soon as possible, is a remaster of the Pre-Alpha demo, it will be essentially the same but re-done(With more things though of course!), I don't think we will be including Bandits into the Demo, mainly because of complications it may cause as we get further into development but It hasn't been ruled out yet. We hope that will give people a better idea of what our game is and whether it will be worth their time, this will also help us understand what people like and don't like and what they want added in and therefore make the game better on launch!

That's pretty much all I have to write about at the moment, I'll try to keep these logs more updated with information!

Thanks for reading!

Dev Log #1

posted Jan 19, 2016, 4:22 PM by Ben White   [ updated Jan 19, 2016, 4:31 PM ]

So I've decided to make a new type of New Update area so it's easier to update while leaving the Blog for actual Blog worthy posts (Long posts). Theses logs will be my thoughts on Game development on New Outbreak with ideas and ramblings.

So what's been going on? Well to kick off the dev log we came up with the idea of Radios and using frequencies to communicate, what makes this interesting is that if you find the right frequency you can listen in on other peoples conversations which adds a bit of strategic play for SinglePlayer as bandits will communicate via this, if someone gets hurt or dies they may talk about it or if they go out on a Scavenger Run they will talk about that aswell and probably say how many people are going and where so you can decide whether it will be a good idea to try to ambush them there or raid their base or neither. Of course they may get suspicious if you turn up too many times so the frequency won't remain the same forever.

We hope to have some screenshots of re-done things such as the main menu (We've re-done the background and are now in the process of doing the buttons) and animations such as trees.
I'm not sure how often I will do these logs or if anyone else might give it a shot sometime but if we've got anything to say we'll say it!

Thanks for reading!

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