Dev Log #4 DEMO! And how it will work

posted Jun 3, 2016, 8:11 AM by Ben White   [ updated Jun 3, 2016, 8:14 AM ]
Hello! So finally we are just around the corner for releasing a playable, new and non broken demo! Hoping to release this week within the next couple days! We currently only have a small amount of customization (We are going to add a lot more by release so you can kit out your survivor exactly how you want!)but there are still quite a few different variants of how to dress up your survivor, as of writing this there is nothing for your dog yet but anything can happen in a few days! We have some images below to show some examples. In the demo you will be able to explore the original area in the old demo but with an overhaul to the game, mainly fixing all the game breaking bugs and making it run better, with such additions such as full customization of your character, Bicycles!, Voice acted main character, The Male by Nikolas (Also the Artist) and Jaimie for our Female! Also Backpacks to store all your loot on the run, currently there isn't a limit for what you can carry in your backpack but we are working on changing that, you can also carry and put them down anywhere you wish and pick up another one for use,all visible on the character. And more! Unfortunately Gamepad support isn't fully ready, the main issue being the looting and how we are doing it with the mouse doesn't work well when not using a mouse but as soon as that is ready we will fix it in the demo! And of course Bandits will not feature in the Demo version same as the massive map we have built. We are also working on releasing a small early look at our Story component currently to people who have access to the full game and testers but once it gets more refined we will most likely release that as a small demo near the release!

We still have a long way to go which is why we are also asking everyone who checks out the demo to please fill out the Form linked from in game so we know what to focus more on, what to remove and what to add so the game is perfect for the launch! Also by filling out the form you will have the chance to test Other titles we will develop in the future if you consent to it.Thank you to everyone who has shown support either by wishlisting our game or contacting us, it has helped motivate us to continue and finish this game and hopefully come August you will enjoy the game we have worked hard on creating!

Customization Images

Thank You For Reading!