Dev Log #5 BACKUPS!

posted Jun 14, 2016, 3:04 PM by Ben White   [ updated Jun 14, 2016, 3:04 PM ]
Hello! So this Log has a relation to New Outbreak but is more about just making sure you understand the importance of Backing Up important data. So I'm the kind of person who rarely, if ever, backs up data, I only do it if I absolutely have to or if I have a static file that I want to keep and don't want to risk losing it if my machine breaks down in a year, week or whenever, so basically June 12th was when I decided working on my Laptop may not be the best idea anymore because it just wasn't functioning properly anymore, it kept freezing and more importantly crashing, I got worried at this point and decided best to use the spare laptop, so once my laptop had booted up again I saved it on my USB drive but the next day instead of transferring over my laptop was working again so I thought I might aswell continue using it, flash forward it's June 14th about 2AM and I've just compiled and uploaded a new demo build for New Outbreaks demo, but after trying it out when released I realised the dog couldn't leave the house due to non updated instances so I backed out, reverted it and fixed it, upon compiling the build however it froze, I left it for a few minutes, played a few games of Rocket League and still it was frozen, I didn't want to risk it crashing and corrupting the file somehow since it was in the process of saving so I got into bed and watched videos for about an hour and a half, still it's frozen, I was so tired at this point due to not sleeping for a couple days I shut it down and rebooted it, but of course it now didn't want to finish booting up and just stayed on the boot screen so I turned it off in hopes that it would work tomorrow since it had before. The next day and it will not boot, so now remember the Backup I made? That is the last and only copy of New Outbreaks source project I have, if I lost that I would have had to go back to the pre-pre-alpha Desura days where the game was a total mess and had none of the new features in it which was months of work and since we plan to release in a couple months that would make the deadline impossible. So just make sure you keep backups and possibly backups of the backup if you are doing something important because you never know when you could lose the only file you have.

Incase you want to know I've had my laptop booting for 5 hours and it's only just got past the Loading part with HP on the main screen but it's still at the black blank part so far, I'm hoping It will boot up so I can get the proper file because it has one thing I haven't got working yet which is Gamepad support which is very important!

I don't know if I'll do more of these, I probably will, I just wanted to ramble and get it noted down somewhere where it can't be lost and hopefully someone will remember to backup that 1 file that could be gone the next day.

Thanks for reading!