Dev Log #6 Quick Switch + Gamepad Support! And Thank You

posted Jul 3, 2016, 6:25 PM by Ben White   [ updated Jul 3, 2016, 6:46 PM ]
Hello everyone and we're back with another dev log! This one is about the new mechanic we'll be adding in which also comes with Gamepad support! So after releasing the demo and having the forms available we got a few responses from some people, some good, some not as good (None have been Negative surprisingly but only a few have been helpful), and one big thing someone said was that they wanted a quicker way of equipping weapons so with that I got to work and have almost implemented full Gamepad support along with full Quick Switching, this is a pretty big thing mainly for my end since this was one massive obstacle that I thought was genuinely going to be impossible but thankfully I was able to make a work around of the current system and got it working, you will now be able to scroll through your inventory with your mouse wheel and middle click to use/wear/equip items, it's not fully implemented yet but it nearly is and once it is I'll clean up the build so everything that should be in it is in it and everything not removed and then upload. We are so close to release it's unbelievable, It feels like yesterday I was brushing off the date as if It was forever until we had to finish it but now we're near release, of course this wasn't originally planned but it ended up being a must, we will continue to support New Outbreak with updates after release for as long as we can support it, if the game does well enough we'll make sure to release a tonne of free updates with no content behind DLC (Extra Stories, Maps and any other additions). Of course one thing we can't have in at launch in Online Multiplayer but if the game does well enough and people want it we will make it priority to get it working.

We hope the game will be great upon release, remember though August 1st isn't the exact date due to certification but by then we are making sure everything is just about ready, and of course we hope most of all that you will enjoy what we have created and that we will be able to create more games in the future, we have many ideas we've experimented over the past year and we hope that we can make them a reality. To everyone who has supported us so far via feedback, kind words or simply following the game it means the world to us.

Thank You