Dev Log #7 Modifying Save Data? New UI!

posted Jul 29, 2016, 8:09 PM by Ben White   [ updated Jul 29, 2016, 8:10 PM ]
Hello Everyone! We are currently 2 days until August 1st! We are almost ready and we are a mix of excited and very nervous! We are going to be talking about Cheating/Modding/Adjusting the game how you want to play! We aren't 100% certain on if we will do it but one thing I have come up with is to add editable variables which effect the game, so if you think the hunger rate is too fast you can slow the rate down or even upgrade your hunger so you never have to eat, of course that's all things that aren't part of the games experience so we'll keep it out of the actual game but if we do add it in you will be able to edit the ini files inside the games contents, unfortunately this won't be possible on Xbox One due to not actually being able to access it normally, if the demand for it on Consoles is high enough however we will work on implementing it properly but at the moment it's not only easier with the Ini files but keeps the game played how it should be played without worry of the game crashing due to an error with a variable being too high or too low etc.

I will be uploading images of new UI and Dog Hunger to my twitter @0Bennyman if you want to see some new changes!

Thanks For Reading! :)